Danvers Massachusetts - A Great Vacation And Travel Place

Danvers is a town in Essex County, Massachusetts, US, suitated on Danvers River nearby the northeastern coast of the Massachusetts. Originally called as Salem Village, the city is most widely famous for its alliance with 1692 Salem witch trials. It’s even well known for Danvers state hospital and for the liberty tree mall. As of census made by 2010, the town’s population was around 26493.

Massachusetts schools - offering superior schooling and lasting tradition

Public schools

Danvers has 5 elementary schools (smith elementary, Thorpe elementary, great oak elementary, riverside elementary, and highlands elementary) each catering pre-kindergarten via 5th grade. Grades 6 through 8 attend the school of Holten Richmond. Grade 9 through 12 attends the school of Danvers high school.

Private schools

The town Danvers is a home to 3 private schools. Saint Mary of the annunciation institute caters pre-kindergarten via 8th grade. Plum field academy is a small institute for grade 1 through 8, with an education philosophy based on that of Charlotte Mason. Saint John’s preparatory institute is a school for young men, catering grades 6 through 12. Saint Mary’s and Saint John’s are symmetrically affiliated. Saint Mary’s is segment of the archdiocese of the city Boston, and “the prep” is Xaverian brothers-sponsored institution.

Agricultural, vocational and technical schools

Addition to the private and public schools, Danvers once hosted Essex technical and agricultural high school, a state funded and independent day school catering grades 9 via 12. An Essex technical and agricultural high institution has consolidated with North Shore Vocations School that was suitated in the Middleton that has resulted in a bigger, unified campus suitated in the town Danvers.

The school Essex technical was established in the year 2014. The school provides 24 agricultural and technical courses to applicants from in-district towns, and provides the 8 agricultural courses to out of district applicants. The economy’s of Danvers Massachusetts - an overview

Top employers

As per the towns 2009 comprehensive annual economy report, the top 10 employers in the town are: Osram Sylvania, Beverly Hospital, North Shore Community college, Doubletree Boston North Shore, Fishery Products International, VNA care network and Hospice, The Home Depot, Hospice of the North Shore, Lowe’s and Medtronic Vascular.

Public security

The town Danvers has full span fire and police departments. Emergency medical facilities are offered by Lyons ambulance facility, a private ambulance firm that has catered the city since 1904. The town police department was licensed in the year 1986. Danvers was the initial municipal agency within Massachusetts commonwealth to become nationally accredited.

Waste Management

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Monitoring The Waste

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Collecting The Waste

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Transporting The Waste

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Processing The Waste

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Recycling or Disposing

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